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8/16/08 - GumBall3000 Pictures

Hey guys. GumBall3000, an international rally for rich people and their VERY expensive cars, began in San Francisco this year on August 9, 2008. As soon as somebody filled me in (Thanks Nicole!) I was there! I definitely have a thing for fancy cars and possible celebrity sightings! Anyway, here are some pictures I took that day. If you want more pictures, let me know... I have more pics of beautiful cars and some videos too. If you want more information on the rally, check out

- Tyler -

(scroll down to see the photos)

This was my favorite car there. I call her the Green Monster.
My Favorite

This is a closer look at the detail on the driver side rear fender... and there's more of this all over the entire car. I'm guessing they didn't get this done at Macco.
Detailed Paint Job

1 passenger at a time. Your destination in 20 seconds or less.
Three words... Best - Taxi - Ever!
Best Taxi Ever

There were some good mustangs there. Look, here's one.
Beautiful Mustang

There were plenty of beautiful Porsches. This white one caught my eye.
Lots of Porsches

You can't compete with the classics. More Muscle = More Gooder!

This matte black car is painted with a special radar deflecting shield.
This car's license plate = "UNFKWTHABL"


Travis Barker showed up in an extremely low riding, hydraulic infused pickup.
When it was parked, it was resting on the street (i.e. zero clearance)
Travis Barker's Lowrider

There were many Lambos too.
Lots of Lambos

This hippie can afford a Porsche?? More power to you, hippie!
Hippie Porsche

Last year, Bam Margera drove a purple Lambo.
Not sure if this is his car - he's in an SUV this year.
Purple Lambo

I took these pictures by moving the camera with the car to keep the car from being blurry.
Even with a fast camera, the crowd here is blurry cause this was a speedy son bitch.
Quick Son Bitch

Ah, the driver of the "un-fuck-with-able" car even wears a matte black hockey mask. Who could he be? ...     ...    Dad?
The Masked Man

The Hoff led the start in KIT.
I didn't get a picture of the red light dealy on the front of the car, but worry not... it is there.
If you check out the videos on youtube (San Francisco part 3 or 4), you can see the inside... very nice.
The Hoff

Bam Margera and his crew are taking it easy this year in a comfy Range Rover.
Bam Margera

Ryan Dunn takes some photos for himself.
Ryan Dunn

Fart. Amazing.

Alfonso Ribeiro ... yes ... you know exactly who that is... Carlton F'ing Banks!
Alfonso Ribeiro