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What's up everybody? We hope your new year is a smashing hit so far. Hopefully you're feeling fine in '09.

And now to tear down your tower of joy, has some bad news. The next original ShafferBros video will not be released until April. We know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for your next piece of 3 minute eye candy, but you'll just have to salivate for a few months longer. Times are tough and dollars are scarce. With the Shaffer brothers currently living at opposite sides of these vast United States, creating new masterpieces is no longer as easy as strapping on the ol' helmet cam and diving into a bowl of our daily lives.

In the meantime, we will attempt to keep up the new(ish) Video of the Week link (though we've been slacking on that too). Hopefully that will be enough to defend against the raging bull of desire and despair building up inside you. As always, if you have any questions, recommendations, shout outs, or jibba jabba, feel free to email us.