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05/02/09 - BACK FROM VEGAS

The Shaffer brothers have returned from Vegas. The trip was amazing with sights such as the Bellagio fountain whore card vacuum boat and the crazy guy drinking a beer from the trash can while shouting "Hit the road, Vegas!"

Last year, the game was Texas Hold'em Poker, and we played in multiple tournaments at varying casinos. This year, we did visit our share of Texas Hold'em tables, but the excitement centered around the Pai Gow Poker tables, where results ranged from a $2000 jackpot to a few hours of hanging out and getting free drinks with Peter, Vegas' most amazing Pai Gow dealer. "Pai Gow!"

Outside of gambling, Tyler even appeared as a guest-star in Nathan Burton's comedy magic show on Monday, April 27th, where he dressed as a lady and popped balloons... obviously a good show. The ShafferBros fame even allowed Shaffer brothers' friend, Chris, to appear on the stage of the Blue Man Group, only to be covered in paint and beaten.

Overall, the trip resulted in some emptier bank accounts and happier credit card companies, but it was fun. Shows were watched. Memories were shared. Drinks were dranked.

If you haven't seen it, check out our new video, "Lay it on the Line: When Poker Goes Bad"