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09/05/09 - Wiffle Ball

This October, the Shaffer brothers and Shaffer cousins will be playing wiffle ball in the London Wiffle Ball tournament as "The Intimidators." For those of you who don't know, wiffle ball is the most important sport ever played by any human being in the history of Earth. Some humans living on planet Iopita play a badass sport called Chuck Norris Bullet Dodge, but wiffle ball is it for Earth.

Unfortunately, the Shaffer brothers are not so good at this particular sport. So, we are asking for your kind wishes of good luck so that we can bring home the title. For information on the league, visit We are anticipating some massive beatings, but will enjoy the experience anyway.

Feel free to stop by, say hi, grab an autograph, give us some money, or just watch us lose to much better wifflers.