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09/21/09 - Wiffley Wiffle Wall

The London Wiffleball tournament is less than 2 weeks away. Our practices have been going fairly well. Last week, Derek Jeter stopped by to give us some pointers and wish us well.

The schedule is up at and we're in a pretty tough division. I say that because there are other teams in our division that we will be required to defeat to move on. So technically, if we were up against a team of legless Michael J Foxes, I would still say that it would be tough and we would still lose quite significantly.

To start off the day, we face the Devil Rays. From what I hear, Satan himself pulverized an active volcano into 4 separate black holes, which he called the Rays of Death. These holes mutated into human form and called themselves the Devil Rays. Should be fun. After that, we play the Dragons. Fortunately they are not the fire-breathing reptiles you may be familiar with, but we still expect to get burnt. Plus, I believe one of the players is permitted to use a flame thrower at all times during the game. Then just before the tournament bracket begins, we face the Jammers. This is a team of band members who never actually touch the ball. They use the power of the rocking to launch the wiffleball into orbit and ensure their victory.

Our team, by the way, is called the Intimidators. We make weird noises from the sidelines and hope the other teams just forfeit the game.

If this all sounds like something you'd be interested in witnessing, stop by London, Ohio on Saturday, October 3, 2009 and cheer us on... or if you want to fit in with the crowd, shout and boo at us until we cry.