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Videos in Order

  1. The Worm
  2. Stop Motion Poker Game
  3. Stop Motion Car 'n' Chips
  4. Fun with Styrofoam Plates
  5. Good Times
  6. Easy Disappearance
  7. Crazy Chair
  8. Bad Stop Motion
  9. It's All Backwards
  10. Francisco Fingers, Part I
  11. Francisco Fingers, Part II
  12. Mystery Cage
  13. Retrograde Revolution
  14. Fight Time
  15. Stop Motion Montage
  16. Idiot Makes Noises
  17. Freestyle Walking in SF
  18. ShafferBros on The Raptor
  19. Cool Beans - ShafferBros Style
  20. Where's The Butter?
  21. Lay it on the Line
  22. Tyler Quits